“Three variations of a couple pieces, thrift store finds and hand-me-downs!” This is how I originally captioned this post, but I decided I wanted to dig a little deeper… So, wearing outfit #1 (left most photo) to our local rodeo last week got me called a “hipster.” I guess the hat did me in, and I’mContinue reading “STYLE SO MEAN, THEY CALL YOU A HIPSTER”

Travel through the people you meet

My time in the Bay area? Food for the soul. I got a lot of rest, exchanged a lot of words, had a lot of laughs, and danced through multiple tees! Spending quality time with friends and mentors was the highlight of this trip, more so than the time I spent in San Fransisco. Not only did IContinue reading “Travel through the people you meet”

One week in the mountains

and It goes a little something like this Late night departure – overnight drive – processing life – sleeping – storytime with dad – sleeping – sunrise – grumpy emotions – loss of debit card in walgreens atm – more grumpy emotions – eat food – less grumpy emotions – cancel debit card – final legContinue reading “One week in the mountains”