Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

The Oakland Airport terminal which provides my departing flight to Seattle this morning is under construction, which makes things a little… interesting to say the least. Lines which intersect with other lines, due to high volume of travelers and poorly thought out detours. People are infectious when they’re confused or disoriented. Twisted expressions and deep sighs of irritability spread quickly! When I found myself getting frustrated at the lack of organization, I remembered the truth of Louis C.K;
“Is it not enough for you? You’re on a chair in the SKY!”
I change my tone.
Thank goodness for comedians.

My first experiences on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) were pretty great. I successfully transported myself to and from the city center, and to the airport, with only a couple delays in the process. Sometimes the trains we’re packed, other times they were completely empty. I think one of the most pertinent characteristics of the BART was the loud screech of the train cars moving over the tracks. The screech sung a tune of history; “I’ve been here for many years…”

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