Satisfaction (Not Necessarily) Guaranteed

A friend was going through something today, and in the midst of reaching out to help her through a moment, I had a thought. An epiphany. I typed the words into my phone effortlessly, as if I had said or thought it before today. In all honesty, I had never. I felt like a medium, someone or something had dropped this advice at the tip of my tongue.

My text read;
“If you think of things this way.. On the other side, there is no relief.. Only nothingness. The other side is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed, is that we hurt our soul and the people who love us by giving in.”

I think when we consider suicide as an escape, or a way to cure our pain, we forget that there is no guarantee that death will repair the damage. When I said “there is no relief,” I meant there is no longer a human constructed concept of relief. We no longer have the capability to decide what is.. “Relief” is not. Granted, perhaps there is no pain, but in that case there can be no healing. Will we ever see what lies beyond death with blinking eyes? We can speculate, build theories and religions to grapple. Sure. Bottom line, we can only predict how these choices affect the facts; our flesh and bone.
Will we find “relief” beyond this existence? I can’t say, but I do feel that intervening in one’s breathing would only cause more questions in the afterlife. Questions which would be extremely more difficult to solve without a beautifully tragic humanity to lean on.


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