Should We Mask Our Ignorance?

This will be short.

Yesterday for work, my boss and I entered the home of a very kind, pleasant family. We had come to clean there so a realtor could take pictures and list their home on the market. The husband was a retired police officer, the wife a nurse. They had one daughter, who was wearing a skateboard helmet and joyfully participating in conversation with us. She was adorable. The family was adorable.

We entered with masks (as we always do, especially now), and congregated in the kitchen.

“You ladies can take your masks off!” The father exclaimed. “We don’t do masks in this house.”
My boss and I looked to each other with a cracked smile (beneath the mask).
“Oh no, it’s okay” we mimicked.
“We’ve been wearing masks since before this whole thing…” my boss giggled.

I felt numb.

“This whole thing is just crazy,” the father added.


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