I understand the benefits, yet I cringe at the amount of time I waste doing the same thumb exercise over and over again. I decided two months ago that I would give myself a break from social media in order to focus on the projects that truly needed my attention; this blog for example, moving across the country, or I don’t know, achieving my goals in the real world or whatever.
I am satisfied with my leave from Facebook, especially with all of the unrest in the world lately, and especially with it being election season. I am so happy to open my news app every day and read articles without the terrifying white noise of other people’s opinions. I haven’t felt one hint of longing to return to the iconic networking platform. The best part is that I can keep my messenger without needing to reactivate my profile. I don’t foresee my return to Facebook unless it is to share fully developed work, or to further business.
Instagram however, I have really missed. I suppose I left one foot in the door because I never deleted or deactivated my profile (don’t deactivate Instagram, they repost all of your activity as if it happened at the moment when you logged back in, which means your friends get every like you’ve ever left a second time around. Mortifying if you try to work under the radar like me). I loved to look at the postings of my friends and favorite profiles. Instagram was the perfect way to stay in touch, but not too much touch… Middle school dance distance. I was fine being that creep who likes everyone’s pictures but doesn’t post any of her own, until today, when I got to meet up with some incredible friends of mine. They make a living on their motorbike, traveling the world. The only way their work gained momentum was through the consistent documentation of their travels through social media. My friends reminded me how the internet can be used to gain support, exchange energy, and propel dreams forward.
So this evening, I lifted my Instaban. *cue celebratory music*
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One thought on “Instaban

  1. Emily,
    I really enjoyed reading this. It felt soothing to me because I can feel how pure and relaxing you feel out in new York thus far. Sometimes I want to get away from all the on going things happening around me but I have to continue to handle it and just hope for the best. Reading this took me to another place for these few minutes and when I say another place I mean I felt like I was sitting in beautiful green grass, watching the trees dance in compass directions and cool breeze flowing my hair. So thank you for this. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Much love.



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