I am marveling at the fact that I can be on a charter bus cruising through the Rocky Mountains.. then take a slow motion video on my phone, edit it, upload it, and post it.. Right here, right now. Is this a dream? I am impressed to say the least by technology these days. Full wifi internet access, plugs for your cords, big spacious seating, and big window views to make you say “woah.” I think back to when people rode a bus or train for upwards of ten hours with no “entertainment” besides the scenery, a book or a journal, perhaps. Accompanying me on this bus, there are travelers of all ages.. the young and old, the coupled the single. And not only is it safe, it feels safe. It’s pretty exciting to be alive in a century when there is what I would call “independent access” to traveling; independence of much help from others, or specific items such as a vehicle. It’s awe! I remember meeting international friends in college and hearing their tales of public transportation in America. I always thought to myself, well why are we Americans not doing that more often? Time? Convenience?

I gasp at the views and the picturesque surroundings, but am I really present to this traveling experience while my phone is in my hand? It’s hard to decide, and maybe it’s not bad or good, or present or void, maybe it’s just different. A beautiful different. A different that allows us to personally connect our intelligence and understandings with the world in an artistic and creative manner. I think that’s ok… In moderation! Tata for now.

Published by Evar After

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