The story began in Phoenix, circa 2011.

I met a firecracker Mexicana, we’ll call her YADHANIE M-O-D (Mother of Dragons). I came to find out later, that Game of Thrones actually based their famed character Khaleesi off of this woman. Swear. I was there in the room once when the director called her for character development advice. And as I write this I can bet that when she gets around to reading this entry; her brows will furrow, she will shake her head in embarrassment, and what follows might be a laugh, but it will most likely be the groan of “wtf emily.” She seriously admires the Khaleesi and couldn’t possibly compare herself, but she knows damn well that I am great at doing awkward things that people couldn’t possibly do themselves, and I also have no reservations towards apotheosizing my friends.
I met a firecracker Mexicana, we’ll call her YADHANIE MOD.
We both loved to dance, but most importantly we loved to laugh.We loved to laugh about laughing, and laugh about the fact that we were laughing about laughing. That was the initial glue of our friendship. In my pre-dominantly “white” mountain town, people considered me Mexican or latin, even African American. When I met this individual, I quickly learned that there were realities that came with those titles, realities that didn’t relate to me. I attribute much of my growth in cultural awareness to her. She showed me her experience through stories, but especially through her music. I appreciated her blunt honesty. Building a friendship with her was free-world and education all wrapped into one. We shared and continue to share, the worst, and best of times.

If I’ve learned anything about her recently, it is that this woman truly is the mother of dragons; the embodiment of wind and fire. She dances through tribulations, situations that bring normal humans to their knees. She’ll roll up her sleeves and build a castle with ease.
If you wrongly cross her, she will blow your house down and then light the lot on fire, or she’ll light the fire first and clear the debri with a couple flicks of the wrist. A baby dragon literally sits perched on her shoulder at all times.

On the 16th of June, fourteen peasants gathered for a most sumptuous event. We conversed around a table adorned in the finest treasures. Lady Christina, presented the Queen with a long-awaited birthday gift. Lady Christina always provides the best presents. Little did we know, this year would change everything. Little did we know, the power of the garment inside.
As she revealed the prophetic blouse, the table burst into flames and tacos rained from the sky.

Mexico, 2016.


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