My first day in New York city, as a “New Yorker” reborn included;

-A coffee that I couldn’t allow myself to finish because it made my heart race frighteningly fast when posed with simple tasks, such as climbing the steps of the subway tunnel.

-Sitting on a bench in Central Park and observing passerby’s, like they do in the movies.

-Feeling the wind in my hair. Just kidding. Feeling the 89% humidity in my hair.


-Attempting to shop and then realizing I already exhausted most of my allotted funds for the day. *I swear I didn’t drop any money so how is there nothing left in my wallet after breakfast*

-Meeting up with awesome family and friends who keep their word.

-Getting overwhelmed and exhausted by the stifling heat and crowds. Finding shelter in a Hilton hotel where I bummed off the wifi and outlets in a dark corner of the patron cafe.


-Stopping for free water at numerous Starbucks.


-A delicious deli breakfast sandwich at 530pm.

-A dance class I’ve been waiting for since March.

-A successful solo subway mission.

-Congratulating new apartment spaces.

-Breaking out in a vicious case of hives.

If you think the last mention was TMI, I would like you to know I’ve gone so far as to seek skin condition advice from my Uber driver. If I’m itchy everyone ends up knowing about it, I can’t stop when I’m itchy.

I’ll admit I’m overwhelmed. As far as my next “move,” I’ll try not to make any rash decisions.


Published by Evar After


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