We can do it together

Aren’t we all on some sort of twisted, beautiful, meaningless, yet infinitely meaningful inner journey? You are a two legged walking pocket sized version of the universe. One day (if the universe even considers a “day” a thing, probably doesn’t), there was an explosion that made even more explosions and then when the dust settled there was a little planet we know as “Earth” floating in circles around a bright little fireball we know as “Sun.” There was also a small little light up rock that happened to be floating in circles around “Earth,” a lovely object we would call “Moon.” And somewhere in all of this we started existing… I believe in aliens but I’m going to stop right there for today’s super legit history lesson.
Clearly I’m not a scientist, but I don’t need to be one to understand that we are some kind of miraculous fact. Look at us, breathing and liking each other’s pictures on instagram. I know very well how lonely this world can be. It’s not because there is a lack of good people to talk too, no that’s not it. I believe it is the knowing that there is only ONE experience on this crazy planet in which each one of us can truly relate; our own. Liberation! To possess your own magical mystery; a completely unique experience as a human being. Terror! To know that a life which meets your needs is completely your responsibility.
But wait, while every experience varies (no one experience will ever be the same as another), we do have a fancy little connection; emotion. Human emotion, more commonly known today as “the feels.” Emotion is what we can relate. This is what I understand to be Empathy.
When we attempt to relate experiences, there is a disconnect. Have you noticed? It’s like when you tell a somebody you had a bad day, and then they start blabbing on about how horrible THEIR day was. In their mind, they are relating to you… In your mind, you never had the opportunity to express yourself. You’ve been hijacked! This happens often. We’ve all be the perpetrator as well. Imagine if that somebody listened, and then you listened to that somebody, and once having exchanged stories you could then relate on that aching pit inside your stomach. A different experience, no? It works for happy stories too!

I don’t have any answers, and perhaps answers don’t exist in this conversation anyway. I am certainly trying to find peace, peace through understanding. If you’re looking for similar things, you’re not alone.. We can do this together? Different experiences, similar goals… Feel me? Brilliant.

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