Embracing Human Connection


To say I don’t cry a lot would be a flat out LIE. I definitely cry, often. Why? It could be anything from the beauty of a cloud, to the injustice of a priest holding Ariana Grande too close. I welcome tears, in all of their salty glory, because they remind me that I am ALIVE. Our body produces MATTER, every day. Things we can touch and feel. Our feelings, our emotions, they are powerful on a level where we can re-purpose and re-create molecules of water in this dry reality many of us constantly feel dissociated from.

When Netflix’s “Maniac” ended, I cried like a baby. It has been a long time since a film (?) series… show… whatever, moved me in that way. I felt like someone out there got me. Someone in there, got me. I felt acknowledged. I was reminded that other people out there go through what I go through.
Sometimes it’s not enough to hear this from the people you love, you have to be confronted by strangers in a technological box.
It would take too long to explain my elation. I didn’t want to let go of the story. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I would recommend it to anyone.

Between the fantasy, sci-fi, realism, existentialism, and comedic timing, I had found everything I ever wanted in a “movie.” It was a movie after all, split into various chapters. Those moments in the theater when you crave for more detail? They were nurtured in this series. The tiny connections you yearn to be explained? There was time for that. On the tenth episode, I was ready. I accepted the story, I got the message.

I love what streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO have done for film and television. I’ve always craved art, raw material from directors, writers, and ESPECIALLY composers. Now, it is increasingly more accessible as there are more doors to produce and release ideas. I am happy that TIME is getting increasingly valued in visual storytelling; confidence that the viewers will dedicate more than an hour or two. I can only hope that the mainstream audience begins to incorporate TIME into more facets of life. Great stories should unfold at their own pace.

xo evar after

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